Commitment to Our Community

For four decades Nash UNC Health Care has been the Rocky Mount/Nash County region’s premier health care provider.

We are proud of our status as a county-owned and operated, not-for-profit health care system. Proud of our enviable record of service accomplishments and growth, proud of our community involvement, proud to be associated with the people — community leaders, employees, physicians, volunteers and others — who contribute to the success of our health care system and the betterment of our community.

The overwhelming majority of hospitals in this country began as philanthropic social institutions with the mission of serving the health care needs of their communities. Not-for-profit hospitals constitute 86 percent of the hospitals in America. We are proud to include ourselves among these hospitals whose philosophical direction has made the critical difference in health care in America… and in our own community.

The growth of Nash UNC Health Care and the Rocky Mount/Nash area have been inseparably interwoven. The vigorous involvement and unwavering support of the community has enabled Nash UNC to carry out its mission with distinction.

We have a proven record of providing broad access to progressive, quality health care at reasonable cost without cost to county taxpayers. But equally important, our status as a county-owned and operated health care system offers some unique advantages and critical distinctives.

Broad Access

The open availability of health care is vital to the character of community life. Nash UNC Health Care offers the broadest access to quality medical care possible. As a county-owned, not-for-profit system, we deny access to no one — for any reason.

We do not specify a fixed percentage of expenditures for indigent care; we have never designated an annual amount for indigent care based on any arbitrary formulas. We simply guarantee quality health care for every citizen without regard to race, color, national origin, ability to pay or any other qualifiers. You simply cannot provide broader access than that.

Superior Quality

Quality health care has become synonymous with Nash UNC Health Care. Our medical staff of more than 170 represent some of the best in the profession. Nash General Hospital was the first all-private room hospital in North Carolina. We pioneered the day hospital concept to contain costs. Our unbroken record of accreditation by the Joint Commission is a tribute to our quality of care. As a county-owned health care system, surplus revenues stay here in our community for the betterment of all our citizens. Our surplus revenues enable us to procure and maintain the latest equipment, technology and facilities for the benefit of our patients.

Reasonable Cost

Cost containment is an on-going priority at Nash UNC Health Care. While patient surveys consistently rate our charges as reasonable, we have nonetheless assumed an aggressive approach to further cost reductions. In a cost containment environment, it is imperative to understand that lowering cost at some point negatively impacts the quality of care. At Nash UNC Health Care, we are successfully maintaining the delicate balance between reasonable cost and quality health care.

Broad access. Superior quality. Reasonable cost. Most health care providers would be content with such a proven record of success. For us, it is only the framework on which we add the rich colors and textures that highlight our distinctives. We contribute much more than health care to our community.

Community Involvement

As a county-owned hospital system, we not only know how to treat patients — we know how to treat our community. Nash UNC Health Care and its more than 1,500 employees are the threads that reinforce the bonds of our community. We actively participate in virtually every civic and charitable group in our community.

We join these respected groups in sharing a common conviction of valuing human life and advancing human dignity as both the right things to do as well as benefiting the general welfare. We view our commitment to active citizenship not as an obligation but a welcomed opportunity to positively impact the quality of community life.


Commitment is the relentless pursuit of a goal until it is reached — no matter what the obstacles.

As a partner with our community, Nash UNC Health Care is committed to serving the interests of the people of the Rocky Mount/Nash County area. Every community has a need for continuity and stability of its health care services. Because our primary goal is to serve these health care needs and because we are an integral part of the fabric of the community, our commitment ensures that those health care needs will be met. They will be met because we are loyal to our partners. When faced with inevitable cycles of economic stagnation, we have the resources and discipline to weather the storm.

We are committed to our community because it is our home and the people we serve are our family.


Nash UNC Health Care is governed by a board of volunteer community leaders appointed by the Nash County Board of Commissioners. This governance structure provides a marriage of interests in which community healthcare thrives.

These directors, living in the community, themselves using the health care system they govern, have an insider’s view of area health care needs. They not only read routine reports but also personally encounter our customers every day. They have their hands on the pulse of the community; they ask questions; they listen; and they respond.

Undoubtedly, a county-owned, not-for-profit health care system, governed by community leaders, is best positioned to meet the changing health care needs of its own citizens.


The citizens of the Rocky Mount/Nash County region have ample reason to be proud of their health care system. We are all beneficiaries of the genius of that system envisioned decades earlier by community leaders.

Health care is special — indispensable to the life and vitality of a community. Given our special status, our primary goal is a cured patient and a healthier community. Beyond that primary goal, as public servants we labor to build a better community.

As a county-owned, not-for-profit health care system, Nash UNC Health Care has made and will continue to make a critical difference in the health care and general welfare of our community. America has the best healthcare in the world. The best access. The best quality. It is not coincidental that 86 percent of America’s hospitals are just like us — not-for-profit.

At Nash UNC Health Care, we have always sought to provide the best to the most for the least. For three decades, we have carried out that mission. As our community moves into the future, Nash UNC Health Care will continue to strengthen and color the fabric of our community life, doing its part to fashion a tapestry of enduring quality.

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