Published on July 30, 2018

Nash UNC Health Care Foundation Invests in Community Organizations

The Nash UNC Health Care Foundation Board of Directors

The Nash UNC Health Care Foundation Board of Directors recently voted to allocate grant funding to five community organizations. A combined total of $275,000 in funding was distributed among the following recipients: Nash County Emergency Services, Nash Community College, the Hope Initiative, the Harrison Family YMCA and the Opportunities Industrialization Center (OIC).

It is the intent of the Nash UNC Health Care Foundation to provide funds, when available, to qualified tax-exempt organizations when the request contributes to the overall mission of the health care system, which is to provide superior quality health care services and to help improve the health of the community in a caring, efficient and financially sound manner.  To qualify for grant funding, all recipient programs must address one or more of the following Nash UNC Health Care and Foundation focus areas:

  • The promotion of community health within the service area
  • Health and medical programs that will support the uninsured or underinsured individuals within the hospital service area
  • Educational programs that support professional health care careers

This year’s recipients were honored during an awards luncheon held on July 30 at Nash UNC Health Care. During the event, grant recipients were welcomed by Nash UNC Health Care CEO Dr. L. Lee Isley.

“Your organizations play a critical role in serving and shaping our community. We are excited to continue to build our partnerships with you, and for our Foundation to provide grants to advance your important work. These grants are just one way that Nash UNC Health Care partners with and supports the great work occurring in our region to improve the health and wellness of our community,” Dr. Isley stated as he thanked representatives from all five organizations in attendance.

Stacy Jesso, Nash UNC Health Care chief development officer and Foundation vice president, explained the luncheon, as well as the partnership between the Foundation and the grant recipient organizations.

“This event came to fruition last year as a way to honor our recipient organizations and the programs that are making a difference in the health and well-being of our community. It is important to our Foundation, and the donors who support us, to invest in organizations that serve our patient population in this manner,” Jesso stated.

Jesso provided an overview that detailed each financial contribution, highlighted each recipient organization and explained the positive contributions they are making in the community.

HOPE Initiative awarded $20,000

The mission of the HOPE Initiative is to help individuals with Substance Use Disorders find treatment, as many of these individuals have no insurance or financial support to get into long term residential treatment facilities. The program allows individuals to go to the Nashville Police Department, surrender any drugs and/or paraphernalia without fear of charges, and start the recovery process. This program also seeks to reduce the apprehension felt by patients and change the stigma associated with seeking treatment.

Nash Community College (NCC) Professional Health Care Career Education awarded $75,000

The grant will support the Health Sciences Program by supplementing funding for faculty development initiatives that promote current practice trends, effective instructional methodology, and enhanced student learning opportunities. This includes the maintenance of faculty accreditation requirements, simulation training and credentialing, and student review/remediation initiatives for program and licensure success. NCC will continue to provide education and training programs for the development of health care professionals in our region.

Nash County Emergency Services - Community Paramedic Program awarded $150,000

The Community Paramedic Program exists to fill gaps in the ever-changing health care system. The goal with this grant is to help patients who are at high risk for hospital readmission or who frequently use emergency medical services. Prior to this grant, which began in 2017, there was no program available to assist such patients with care management to prevent the cycle of over utilizing emergency services for non-emergency reasons.

OIC- Establishing a Primary Care Home to Uninsured Populations awarded $10,000

Uninsured patients are eligible for Prescription Assistance Programs offered by various pharmaceutical companies as long as required and appropriate documentation is provided. OIC has on-site care coordinators who assist medical providers and patients with this service. Enrollment in these programs can take an average of three weeks. Patients who are newly diagnosed with diabetes, hypertension or other chronic diseases cannot afford to wait and need to begin medication as soon as possible. By offering assistance for medication co-pay, this bridges the gap until medications are able to be received through the Prescription Assistance Program.

Harrison Family YMCA- Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program awarded $20,000

The YMCA designed the Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring program to help adults with hypertension lower and manage their blood pressure. The program focuses on regulated self-monitoring of one’s blood pressure at home using proper measuring techniques, individualized support and nutrition education. With the support from a trained Healthy Heart Ambassador, participants in the program will take and record their blood pressure at least two times per month, attend two personalized consultations a month, and attend monthly nutrition education seminars. For each participant, the blood pressure self-monitoring program will last 4 months from their enrollment date.

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