Published on January 05, 2021

Area Welcomes First Baby of 2021baby 2021

The first baby born this year at Nash UNC Health Care has several additional claims to fame: he is the son of Thor and the first grandchild of former Telegram reporter Lindell John Kay.

“I used to bemoan having to write new baby stories — but this year, with my first grandchild being the first Nash County baby of 2021, I think the story is the most important news for the rest of the year,” the proud grandpa said in an interview with the Telegram.

Benjamin Alexander Kay was born at 10:57 a.m. on New Year’s Day to Ashley Glover, 20, of Nashville and Thor Kay, 19, of Spring Hope. Both parents work at Walmart: Glover at the one in Rocky Mount and Kay at the one in Nashville.

Little Benjamin weighed in at 7 pounds and 13 ounces. He was due to make his appearance on Jan. 2 but decided to arrive a day early.

“The thought of Benjamin being the first born wasn’t something that I ever thought of,” Thor Kay said.

Thor Kay was given his unusual moniker by his father.

“I’m a mythology buff, hopefully soon to be a mythology professor,” Lindell Kay said. “I named Thor after the Norse god of thunder, not the comic book superhero — although they’re pretty much the same character. I’m not sure of the origin of the choice for naming Benji. But I do know my 2021 will be better because he’s in the world.”

Thor Kay said he and his fiancé just really liked the name.

“We wanted a name that wasn’t common and also had a variety. So when he grows up, he can choose whether to be called Ben or Benjamin. We are going to call him Benji while he is little,” Thor Kay said.

Baby Benjamin and his parents were presented with an array of gifts from Nash UNC Health Care and local merchants because he was the first to be born this year at the hospital.

“The hospital gave us a bag that came with lots of different things — clothes, blankets, medicine and other useful things. It was certainly more than I expected, and I’m sure we’ll use all of it,” Thor Kay said.

Glover said she was impressed by the care she received at the hospital.

“The nurses were great,” she said. “They were very patient with me and helped me with every little bit of the delivery.”

Glover said she and her parents are excited about the arrival of Benji and the timing of his birth.

“It’s exciting now I have something else to celebrate on New Year’s Day,” Glover said. “My mom Denise and my dad Scott are very excited that they have something else to celebrate every New Year’s.”

Lindell Kay said he first met Benji at Glover’s home.

“We couldn’t go to the hospital because of COVID, but we visited the new parents Sunday afternoon at Ashley’s parent’s house. They have been so great. Benji is their first grandchild, too. I got to hold my grandson. Man, what a feeling,” he said.

Lindell Kay is well-known in the community, not only for his journalistic efforts but also for his weekly spot on WHIG-TV where he discusses cold criminal cases in the “The Kay Files.” He said he and his wife Michelle are thrilled with the newest member of the family.

“One of the very first articles I wrote as a new reporter almost 20 years ago was a first baby of the year story. I didn’t really know what I was doing and didn’t know how to get information. It soured me toward that type of story. But this time, it is exciting news,” he said.

Lindell Kay said becoming a new grandparent has changed his perspective.

“I thought having children was the best feeling on earth. I have five kids. But when my middle son texted me Friday morning with two words, ‘he’s out,’ I could feel my life changing forever,” he said. “I’m a grandfather now.”

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