Published on December 14, 2020

Nash UNC Health Care Earns High Performance Score

ROCKY MOUNT, North Carolina (December 14, 2020) –Leapfrog

The Leapfrog Group, a national nonprofit organization that collects and reports hospital performance data each year, released its Fall 2020 score, giving Nash UNC Health Care an A for the reporting period.

“I am proud to report that Nash UNC Health Care’s score for the reporting period is an A,” said Dr. L. Lee Isley, president & CEO of Nash UNC Health Care. “Thanks to the strong vision from our board of commissioners regarding renewed focus on quality and commitment to our community, our staff and medical staff have worked hard to improve our scores significantly in such a short period of time.”

Isley continued to say that Nash UNC has intensely focused on improving its quality metrics since receiving a D from Leapfrog in the Spring of 2017.

“We have shown steady improvement in our score since that time. We are pleased that our score now reflects the high quality of care Nash UNC provides to its patients,” said Isley.

The time period of data used for this score is primarily 2017-2019, with a few measures ranging into 2020.

According to The Leapfrog Group, survey results are used to educate consumers and purchasers about the quality and safety of hospitals in their community. The Leapfrog Group states that hospitals that voluntarily submit their data to the Leapfrog Hospital Survey are to be commended for their commitment to transparency and educating their patients about the quality and safety of the care they provide.

“Our Leapfrog score includes data from 12 Process Measures and 15 Outcome Measures. Out of those measures, we performed better than the national mean for all 12 Process Measures and 10 of the 15 Outcome Measures,” said Isley.

“A few examples of where we scored above the national mean in the 12 Process Measures are in the categories of nursing workforce, culture of safety, hand hygiene measures, and patient experience scores. As for the Outcome Measures, Nash performed better than the national mean in areas of post-operative respiratory failure, surgical site infection, MRSA, C-diff infections and others,” said Isley.  “We continue to work to eliminate patient falls and hospital acquired conditions while maintaining our high standards and expectations to keep our patients safe while in the hospital.

The Leapfrog Group works with national experts to establish standards to which all participating hospitals are measured against.

“I am proud of this team for what we have accomplished together in such a short time. Thank you to all of our staff and medical staff for their renewed commitment to quality, the patient and family experience, and our community,” said Isley.