Published on August 13, 2021

Nash UNC Revises Visitor Restrictions

Nash UNC Health Care’s COVID Task Force has approved updates to the current visitor restrictions to improve the patient experience while maintaining a safe environment for staff, patients and visitors.

“We know how important family presence is for our patients and their healing process,” said Dr. L. Lee Isley, president and CEO of Nash UNC Health Care.  “Our COVID Task Force has continued to focus on improving our patients’ experience, while also maintaining a safe environment for our patients, staff and visitors.”

Beginning Wednesday, August 18th, non-COVID inpatients will be permitted to have two visitors at the same time, but will no longer require them to be the same designated visitors for the duration of their stay. Visitors may switch out as needed as long as only two visitors are with the patient at the same time. Children 12 and under will no longer be exempt from the policy and must be included in the two visitors at a time maximum count.

The Women’s Center will also allow two visitors at a time, as well as a one additional support personnel, such as a doula, to help accommodate various patient birthing plans.

The Emergency Department (ED) is returning to its pre-COVID visitation policy. In this area of the hospital, the visitation policy requires patients to identify two visitors as their designated visitors. The designated visitors may visit the patient at the same time. If the patient is admitted to the hospital from the Emergency Department, the visitors may change. The Pediatric Emergency Department will also allow two designated visitors per patient at the same time.

For COVID or COVID-suspected patients in the ED, visitors are not permitted.

COVID inpatients will still be allowed one designated visitor daily during scheduled times by the unit. Visitors will be required to put on full personal protective equipment (PPE) for the duration of the visit and must take the PPE off appropriately after the visit. Nash UNC staff members will assist with PPE education.

At this time, COVID positive patients can identify only one designated visitor. Additionally, children 12 and under are not permitted to visit patients who are on isolation precautions due to potential inappropriate fit or use of PPE.

Visitation exceptions will continue to be made for extenuating circumstances, such as extended stay, end of life / comfort care, or other needs as determined by the clinical care team. 

As a reminder, Nash UNC will continue to require all visitors to wear a mask at all times inside the hospital. A mask will be provided to visitors who do not have one when entering the facility. 

Visitors will also continue to undergo a health screening upon entrance and are still encouraged to social distance when possible and wash hands / use hand sanitizer appropriately while in the hospital.

 “Our COVID Task Force will continue to monitor community spread metrics, as well as updated guidance from the CDC and DHHS, and determine if any changes to the visitation policy are needed,” said Isley.  “Our focus will continue to be the safety of our patients, staff and community.”