Published on December 10, 2020

UNC Orthopedics at Nash Honor Careers of Marsigli Brothers

ROCKY MOUNT, North Carolina (December 10, 2020) –

marsigli dedicaiton

UNC Orthopedics at Nash honored the careers of Dr. Adolfo Marsigli and Dr. Eduardo Marsigli by dedicating a fund in their honor and placing a plaque in their name on the orthopedic wing of the fourth floor in Nash General Hospital.

A small dedication ceremony took place on the fourth floor of the hospital where colleagues from UNC Orthopedics at Nash and Nash UNC Health Care honored the Marsigli brothers for their many contributions to the hospital, practice and community.

“Between the two of them [Dr. Adolfo Marsigli and Dr. Eduardo Marsigli], I’ve research that they probably have done between ten and twenty thousand operations here in this hospital,” said Dr. Greg Nelson, orthopedic surgeon at UNC Orthopedics at Nash.

The Marsigli brothers established the first orthopedic surgery practice in Rocky Mount in the mid-1970s and have provided orthopedic care in the community for over 45 years. Dr. Adolfo Marsigli provided orthopedic care until his passing 15 years ago.

“We all feel strongly about honoring these two men and what better way to do it than to pay it forward by establishing this orthopedic fund with the Nash UNC Health Care Foundation; the Marsigli Fund,” said Dr. Greig McAvoy, medical director of Nash UNC’s Joint Replacement Program.

The Orthopedic Fund, established with the Nash UNC Health Care Foundation, will be used to support facility and programmatic needs that enhance the patient experience within the orthopedic department, as well as ensure that our community has access to quality health care.

“The Marsigli brothers shared a deep commitment to their practice and patients, served as visionaries for orthopedic care in the Rocky Mount region, and were instrumental in the development of many innovations at Nash UNC Health Care,” said Dr. L. Lee Isley, president and chief executive officer of Nash UNC Health Care.

During the ceremony, a plaque was revealed picturing the two brothers together. The plaque will remain on the 4th floor of Nash General Hospital in the designated wing that houses orthopedic patients recovering from their orthopedic operation.

“These two had a very tight bond, they were a great team and worked well together and they had the preeminent practice in orthopedics for so many years. I know Dr. Nelson agrees with me that one of the best decisions we ever made in our practice, after Dr. Adolfo died, was having this guy come and work with us,” said McAvoy, gesturing towards Dr. Eduardo.

“He’s been a wonderful friend, a wonderful colleague. He loves his work and he’s very good at it. He brought with him a vast amount of knowledge and experience that we’ve learned from and now our new younger surgeons, Dr. Hasty, Dr. Strickland and Dr. Clay Nelson, are all learning from him,” said McAvoy.

Dr. Eduardo Marsigli no longer operates on patients, but he continues to still teach and mentor the other surgeons in the practice.

If you wish to donate to the Marsigli Orthopedic Fund, visit, or contact Kathleen Fleming at