Published on January 04, 2022

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Nash UNC Adapts Visitation Restrictions in Response to Rising COVID Cases 

Nash UNC Health Care’s COVID Task Force has implemented updates to its current visitor restrictions to help maintain a safe environment for staff, patients, and visitors in response to the significant rise in COVID-19 cases in the community and hospital.

“At this time, we are experiencing a rapid increase of COVID cases in our community and hospital at an unprecedented rate,” explained Dr. L. Lee Isley, president and CEO of Nash UNC Health Care. “As such, our COVID Task Force has determined tighter visitor restrictions are needed to help us maintain a safe environment for all who seek care, visit a loved one, or work at our hospital.”

Effective Wednesday, January 5, the following visitation restrictions will be in place until further notice:

Inpatient Visitation

Non-COVID inpatients will be limited to one undesignated visitor for the duration of their stay. This allows the visitor to switch out with other visitors as needed, as long as only one visitor is in a patient’s room at a time.

Visitation for COVID Positive Patients Reminder

COVID inpatients will still be allowed one designated visitor daily during scheduled times by the unit.

Women’s Center Visitation

The new non-COVID inpatient visitor restrictions will also apply in the Nash UNC Women's Center, but birthing mothers may have one additional support personnel (ex: a doula) in addition to the one visitor maximum. This will help us continue to accommodate various patient birthing plans.

Emergency Department Visitation

Emergency Department patients will be allowed one visitor once they are in a treatment room. For the safety of patients, visitors, and staff, visitors will not be allowed in the waiting room lobby while a patient is waiting for a room.

Bryant T. Aldridge Rehabilitation Center and Coastal Plain Hospital Visitation

• Bryant T. Aldridge Rehabilitation Center patients will be allowed one designated visitor for the duration of their stay.
• Coastal Plain Hospital visitation is coordinated and scheduled by the patient’s care team.

Outpatient Visitation

Patients at any Nash UNC outpatient clinic will continue to be limited to one visitor for the duration of their appointment.

As a reminder, visitation exceptions will continue to be made for extenuating circumstances, such as extended stay, end of life / comfort care, or other needs as determined by the clinical care team.

Nash UNC will continue to require all visitors to wear a mask at all times inside the hospital. A mask will be provided to visitors who do not have one when entering the facility.

Visitors will also continue to undergo a health screening upon entrance and are still encouraged to social distance when possible and wash hands / use hand sanitizer appropriately while in the hospital.

“Our COVID Task Force will continuously monitor local COVID community spread metrics and our hospital patient census to determine if any additional changes to the visitation policy are needed,” Isley said.

Nash UNC also reminded the public about the importance of knowing where to seek care for minor medical concerns versus when to seek emergency care, how to find a COVID testing site, and where to get a COVID vaccination.

Where to Seek Care for Minor Medical Concerns and When to Visit the Emergency Department

Primary Care or Urgent Care – Minor Injury and Illness

- Eye or ear infection
- Sprain or strain
- Allergic reaction
- Cold, cough, flu, fever
- Minor burn, cut
- Minor asthma attack or bronchitis
- Nausea, migraine
- Dehydration

Emergency Department – Life-Threatening Injury and Illness

- Chest pain or heart attack
- Stroke
- Broken bone or deep wound
- Constant vomiting
- Severe and prolonged shortness of breath
- Allergic reaction to food or insect bite
- Head injury and/or unconsciousness
- Heavy, uncontrolled bleeding
- Seizure

COVID Testing

Nash UNC’s Emergency department does not provide COVID testing for patients who are not also seeking medical care. Patients who need only COVID testing can follow the tips below to find a testing site.

• NC DHHS COVID Testing Locator – Type in your zip code to find locations nearest you.
• NC DHHS has also partnered with LabCorp to offer free at-home COVID testing kits.

COVID Vaccination
Nash UNC’s COVID Walk-In Vaccine Clinic is open Monday-Friday 8 am – 4 pm (and Thursday until 6 pm), offering booster shots for all & pediatric vaccines (ages 5 and up). Though no appointment is necessary, if you have questions or would like to make an appointment for a specific time, schedule a homebound visit or coordinate a community vaccine event, call Nash UNC's Community Vaccination Line at (252) 962-8624 or schedule online at For answers to frequently asked questions, please visit Remember, vaccines are free and do not require insurance or a photo ID.