Published on March 31, 2022

Nash UNC Health Care Announces Zero COVID-19 Patients 

Nash UNC Health Care has recently accomplished a milestone in the fight against COVID-19.

“We are pleased to share with the community that we currently do not have any COVID-19 positive inpatients in our hospital,” said Dr. Anne Shriner, Chief Medical Officer at Nash UNC Health Care.

Like other hospitals across the state, Nash UNC changed its operations to better care for non-COVID patients and COVID patients, as well as adapt to surges of the virus. During the height of the pandemic, the hospital had 63 COVID patients at one time, which remains Nash UNC’s COVID patient census record.

“Reaching the milestone of having no COVID inpatients in our hospital is something for our organization and community to celebrate,” said Dr. Shriner.

Nash UNC President and CEO Dr. L. Lee Isley echoed Dr. Shriner’s sentiments.

“We are thankful to our team members and medical staff for their tireless efforts to care for our community during this unprecedented time. Through their dedication and sacrifice, we were able to create a safe care environment for all patients while simultaneously working through the unique challenges presented by the pandemic,” Dr. Isley stated. 

And while COVID cases continue to decrease in the community and across the state, Nash UNC reminds the community that the virus still exists and the hospital remains ready to respond to future COVID surges.

“Due to the irregular nature of the virus, our team and medical staff continue to be prepared for and anticipate additional waves of COVID,” said Dr. Shriner. “We remain committed to providing exceptional patient care while impacting the overall health and wellbeing of our community, both during normal operations and when faced with COVID surges.”