Published on March 25, 2022

Nash UNC Health Care Recognized as one of Business North Carolina's Top 25 Best Hospitals in the State 

Nash UNC Health Care was recently named by Business North Carolina as one of the Top 25 Best Hospitals in the state, based on recent patient satisfaction scores and other quality of care metrics.  

“This award shows that Nash UNC is committed to providing the best quality care for our community. All of our staff and providers have worked hard to earn industry-leading performance awards that give our community members comfort in the care they receive here,” said Dr. Lee Isley, President and CEO of Nash UNC Health Care.

Business North Carolina’s annual list is calculated using more than 25 health care metrics, including information collected by the US Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The report includes patient satisfaction surveys, and the infection, readmission, and mortality rates for common procedures.

Nash UNC jumped 20 spots in the rankings from 2021 to 2022 in order to make this year’s top 25 list. Dr. Isley says that improvement is significant and is evidence of the high quality care Nash UNC provides the community.

“We are proud that we have taken considerable steps to increase our effectiveness in the core quality health care metrics that Business North Carolina uses to determine the top 25 hospitals in the state. This award also shows the community that we are committed to continuous improvement efforts that ensure we provide the best care possible for our patients,” said Isley.