Employee Stories

Patricia Alford-Harris

Patricia Alford-Harrison

Patricia spreads comfort and joy to her patients by sharing the gift of music. Her voice brings peace to even the most stressful situations.

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Luxley Daniels in ER room

Luxley Daniels

Emergency Department nurse Luxley Daniels takes time to sit down with his patients and their families to listen and address their

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Dr, Jay Manikkam

Dr. Jay Manikkam

Medical Oncologist & Hematologist Dr. Jay Manikkam invests his full heart into his work, and his patients appreciate his passion. 

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Deotrae Collins

Deontrae Collins

Deontrae Collins is a food associate who serves up compassion to families he sees coming to the cafeteria. By making visitors smile or laugh, Deontrae believes he is helping people cope with the difficult emotions that arise from hospital visits.

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