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Behind the Scenes Heroes

Nash UNC Health Care’s laboratory department is a team of unsung heroes who work behind the scenes to process bloodwork and tests that help diagnose various medical conditions.

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Lesha Clark

Lesha Clark

Lesha Clark, a Nurse Assistant (NA) at Nash UNC Health Care’s Bryant T. Aldridge Rehabilitation Center (BTAR), is known for consistently going above and beyond for patients and colleagues. A spirit that has earned her six top Kudos Excellence Awards.

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Adele Sessoms

For Adele Sessoms, a Nursing Assistant at Nash UNC Health Care, becoming a nurse has always been her dream, but participating in Nash UNC’s Junior Volunteer Program helped solidify her decision.

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Nate Marshall

Save the Emergency Room for Emergencies

With COVID cases on the rise again, questions about testing, vaccinations, and when to seek emergency care are trending in the community.

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For Nash UNC Provider, Compassionate Care Has No Borders

Dr. Espinoza’s passion for service goes well beyond the hospital’s walls. In fact, thanks to his relentless compassion, a patient from Nicaragua received critical heart care at Nash UNC.

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Dr. Paula Dilanchian

Nash UNC Infectious Disease Specialist Champions COVID Antibody Treatment

During the COVID pandemic, Dr. Dilanchian has worked tirelessly to keep Nash UNC team informed of the best treatment practices.

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Community Paramedic Program Takes Healthcare Beyond the Hospital's Walls

The program supports patients once they leave the hospital by providing education and resources that empower patients to take their health into their own hands.

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Pat Silver

Compassionate Care is the Best Medicine

In her role as a Nurse Navigator, Pat Silver helps walk patients through the often complex process of cancer care. Silver constantly receives compliments from patients for her specialized support during their cancer journey.

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Compassionate Team at the Heart of New Cardiopulmonary Program

Christine Spearman shares her experience with Nash UNC's Cardiopulmonary Rehab and their new PAD program.

“The program gave me motivation to take care of myself. Before the program, I didn’t really have a full understanding of my condition or how to best care for myself, but the team really explained everything to me,” said Spearman.

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Cody Richardson

Delivering More Than Meals

Cody Richardson, a patient services attendant in the dietary department, is known for making a positive impact on patients and families. Just recently, a family member raved about his impact on their mother who spent two weeks as a patient at Nash UNC.

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Julie and Ashley

Compassionate Team Gets Creative Uniting Couple One Last Time

Whenever couples or family members are hospitalized with COVID at the same time, the Nash UNC care team allows and encourages them to visit each other. Julie Szczypkowski, hospitalist, and Ashley Pittman, nurse, were challenged by this particular couple to provide unique, compassionate care before their unfortunate passing.

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Therapist's Homemade Pillow Helps COVID Patients Breathe Easier

Laurie Strutton, a Registered Respiratory Therapist at Nash UNC, is no stranger to caring for COVID positive patients. While more patients were placed in a prone position (laying on their stomach) as part of their treatment. Laurie noticed how uncomfortable it can be for the patient to lay in this position for hours at a time. So she got the idea to sew special pillows to make treatment a little more comfortable.

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beth garris

Beth Garris: A Gift of Warmth that Warms Your Heart

As the weather gets colder and the holidays draw nearer, many people are in need of additional garments to keep warm during the winter season. This is especially true for the cancer patients receiving treatment at the Danny Talbott Cancer Center on the campus of Nash UNC Health Care. One community member and Nash UNC employee, Beth Garris, decided to make hats for the patients and donated 100 hats to the Cancer Center that she crocheted herself.

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pathway nurses

Pathway of Excellence: Nash Nurses Among the Best

Nash UNC Health Care was recently re-designated as a Pathway to Excellence organization by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This marks the second time Nash UNC has received this re-designation. This year’s designation will last four years.

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The Doctor is in: General Surgeon Excited to Serve Community

As the son of two surgeons, Dr. Reece Alkire had a clear vision of his career path from a very early age. Alkire is one of three new surgeons to join the team at Nash Surgery, a new general surgery practice opened by Nash UNC Health Care.

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Patient Relations: The Key to Success for New Nash Surgeon

Like most medical students, Zachry had options in multiple areas of the United States after her residency.

As she weighed her options, Zachry received an invitation from Nash UNC Health Care in Rocky Mount, NC to discuss a new practice that was in development, Nash Surgery.

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Surgeon Relishes Role as New Member of Local Practice

For 16 years, Caron Warnsby had been practicing general surgery in Marshall, MI, about 100 miles west of Detroit. Then, in the spring of 2020, she was invited to consider a new opportunity at Nash UNC Health Care.

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Nelson Father Son

Orthopedic Surgeon Returns Home to Fulfill Childhood Dream

Growing up, Clay Nelson would spend his Friday nights at high school football games in the Rocky Mount area. But unlike the rest of the crowd, he wasn’t there to support one of the teams. Instead, he was there to help his father, Dr. Greg Nelson, who was providing medical assistance as the local sports medicine expert.

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Task Force: Ensures Effective COVID Response

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, a special task force was created to make the key decisions that keep you and others safe in our facilities. From small signage and visitor restrictions to a complete renovation of a hospital floor, Nash UNC healthcare workers and the COVID task force were a part of every step of the way to your safety and care.

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Elbert and markese

EVS Team: Raising the Bar for Cleanliness

With the coronavirus impacting our community and hospital, our EVS team has stepped up to the plate and raised the bar for cleanliness.

“We still want to bring the same high level of care to the patient day to day, because that’s what really matters, is the patient”

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Lynn Cash

Lynn Cash

When there's a medical emergency there's sometimes a financial emergency as well. Lynn Cash, one of our financial counselors, knows how medical bills can affect a patient's recovery and often goes above and beyond to ease their worries.

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Catherine Johnson

Catherine Johnson

When Catherine came into the ER for what she thought was a cold, she quickly found out that she was a lot sicker than she thought. She also found out how quickly she would bond with a few of our staff at Nash and eventually find another kind of family.

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Fidget Blanket

Fidget Blankets

When a group of women in the community heard about our fidget blanket project, they volunteered their sewing services and helped turn the idea into a reality for our patients. To our patients, the blankets are a way for them to keep calm in a scary situation. To the women who volunteered to make them, the blankets are like a love letter they send to someone they don't know.

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Julie S

Julie Szczypkowski

Julie Szczypkowski believes the foundation to good health care is compassion and kindness. Listening intently and building connections with her patients, their family, and her coworkers are just a few of the ways she cares for others.

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Debbie Sharp

Calming patients is a common task among nursing, but there are few that have the ability to calm patients like Debbie Sharp. Debbie has a special gift for calming patients and is known for her gentle and empathetic ways of comforting not only her patients, but also their family members.

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Felicia Gaylor

Felicia Gaylor

Though many wouldn't consider IT support as a part of the care team, Felicia Gaylor is an example of how good team support can improve the overall patient experience. Whether it's getting our printers to work or fixing a nurse's computer, you can always count on Felicia to come to the rescue and find the solution.

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Kenneth Mullen

With a passion for his community and for this hospital, Kenneth Mullen helps build better patient experiences and promotes community education through his role on the Patient & Family Advisory Council.

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LaShawnya Norman

La'Shawnya Norman

Practicing patience and showing compassion is second-nature to La'Shawnya. Her ability to make a patient feel cared for and loved has been recognized by her patient's family as a special gift.

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Christopher Mercer

Christopher Mercer

Christopher knows that personal experience is the best way to prep for a career. That's why he actively pursues his education by allowing our employees to mentor and teach him with hands on experience, outside the classroom.

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Cynthia Floyd 200

Cynthia Floyd

Teary eyed, Cynthia Floyd tells the story of how Nash Wound Care Center saved her foot over the course of 6 months.

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Baby Basket

New Year Baby Basket

Every birth is undoubtedly special, but there is a small pool of people who can say they've had the first baby of the new year. To celebrate the first baby of the year born at Nash Women's Center, local businesses collaborated together to offer the parents a gift basket full of goodies.

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Ricky Evans

Ricky Evans

When Ricky sees a need, there is no hesitation. He never fails to lend a helping hand to those who need it and never fails to do it with smile.

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Dr. Cheltenham

Dr. Mark Cheltenham

With a vision and a dream, Dr. Mark Cheltenham is making a difference in our community when it comes to mental health. A true advocate for his patients, he continuously delivers care with nonstop compassion.

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Margaret Applewhite

Margaret Applewhite

Margaret Applewhite was diagnosed with cancer just a few months ago. Though it was scary and hard to overcome, she surprisingly enjoyed receiving treatment because of the friendship she found with her nurses, Kim and Chastity.

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tree lighting crew

Tree Lighting Crew

A sure sign that the holidays have arrived, Nash UNC's Christmas Tree spreads cheer to all who drive by. But what many don't know is exactly how much effort and careful consideration is put into preparing this tree.

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Mary Davis

Mary Davis

Mary is often the first person patients come into contact with on their visit to Nash UNC's Emergency Department. Her kind smile and ability to stay calm and focused often puts family's and patient's worries at ease.

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Kirk Williams

Kirk Williams

Often known to save the day, Kirk's ability to connect with others, along with his willingness to help those in need, is second to none. His kindness and compassion often brightens the spirits of visitors, patient's, and employees alike.

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Therapy Dogs

Therapy Dogs

“There’s just something about petting that soft head and seeing those kind eyes that just makes you feel better. It’s not something you or I or even a doctor can do for a patient. It’s a unique therapy that only a dog can offer”

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Nash UNC Women's Center Team

Nash UNC Women's Center Team

The Women's Center team not only supports the women in our community within the walls of the hospital, but passionately supports them through community organizations such as My Sister's House, a nonprofit organization that provides support services for survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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Jeff Pridgen

Jeff Pridgen

From surgery to rehabilitation, Jeff Pridgen shares how the Joint Replacement Team worked together to ease his worries and helped him through the healing process.

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Kevin Booker

Kevin Booker

Two different industries— one life-saving mission. Pfizer and Nash UNC work together to impact families just like Kevin's.

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Flight Crew

Flight Crew

No one expects a medical emergency. But when the unexpected happens, it’s comforting to know our flight crew of highly skilled professionals are ready to get you where you need to go, and will care for you on the way.

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Lakae Silver

From a young age, Lakae has taken care of others. Using her personal experience with her parent's health, she always remembers to care not only for her patient's physical needs, but for their emotional needs as well.

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Gordon Hammiel

Gordon sees every patient he crosses paths with as worthy of love and empathy. From taking moments to encourage his patients, to obtaining his barber's license to help them feel their best, Gordon has found that there isn't much he wouldn't do to help his patients.

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EMS Team

Communication and trust—that's the recipe for good patient outcomes, according to the teams working for Nash County's EMS and Nash UNC's Emergency Department.

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Emily Deans

Emily Deans

Emily is known for taking our Carolina Care philosophy outside the workplace and into the community. She says "Thinking with empathy and acting with compassion—it's just what we do"

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Barbara Edge

Barbara Edge

Whether it's cleaning their room or offering a few words of encouragement, Barbara says she can't leave a patient in need without trying to help them.

"We all do what we can to help people,” she said.“For me, I wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.”

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Otis Barnes

Otis Barnes

Otis Barnes has been taking care of his community at Nash UNC since 1982. Starting as a CNA and now serving as a security officer, he continues to help patients in stressful situations by keeping things calm and positive.

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Christine Dixon

Christine believes in the power of a friendly smile. She says that many of her patients are uncomfortable before their sonogram. Her solution is to treat them like she would want to be treated.

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Jackie Price

Jackie is known for her smile and assistance to patients as she delivers food to their rooms. "When I look at my patients, I often see my mother. So I take care of the patients like I'd take care of her."

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Janey Richardson

Diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in 2006, Richardson said while it’s a concerning diagnosis, she credits Dr. Jenee Bowman with helping her learn how to live with COPD and pushing her to try things like the Cardiac Rehab program at Nash UNC.

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Lorrie Batson

Mandy Triplett

“You just never know when you will have an impact on someone in need,” Triplett continued. “I think at Nash UNC, we all assume we can help make someone’s day better, in some way. That’s our goal.”

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Owen Ellis

Owen Ellis

Owen believes that when people feel better, they heal better. His actions on the job include helping patients with daily living and hygiene needs, but he says the overall theme to what he does is spread kindness and compassion to his patients and their families.

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Lorrie Batson

Lorrie Batson

Lorrie Batson wants everyone in the waiting room at Nash UNC's Emergency Department to be cared for as if they were her family. She makes it her duty to know who needs what and to provide that care for them—whether it be a blanket, a hug or a listening ear.

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Edith Skinner

Edith Skinner

When Edith found out she had to have brain surgery, she found comfort in the trust she had built with Dr. Lindsay Tyler.

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Janeeka Harris

Janeeka Harris

The day Janeeka Harris saved a woman from suffering serious effects of a stroke started out like any other day.

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Joint Replacement Center Team

Joint Replacement Center Team

Great patient care is bigger than one person, it's the teamwork behind the care that makes it great. That's the philosophy that orthopedic surgeon Dr. McAvoy and his teammate nurses, Ann and Mildred, use to deliver the best patient experience they can from start to finish.

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Boyd Family

Boyd Family

The Boyd family details the kindness and compassion they received at the Nash UNC Pediatric Emergency Department while seeking treatment for Henry's baseball injury.

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Dianne Bulluck

Dianne Bulluck

Dianne Bulluck believes good nursing is more than the medicine; it involves caring for the patient's emotions. Dianne has a special talent for calming the fears of her patients before entering surgery.

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Marlo and Garrett Williams

Marlo and Garrett Williams

When Marlo and Garrett Williams welcomed their twins into the world early at 33 weeks, the Nash UNC Special Care Nursery team was there to provide personalized care for the entire family.

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Marcia Ratcliff

Marcia Ratcliff

Nash UNC Physical Therapist Marcia Ratcliff empowers patients to be independent and believe in themselves while working on their road to recovery.

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Kim Bullock

Kim Bullock

Switchboard Operator Kim Bullock staffs the Nash UNC front desk with a smile and creates a positive first impression for patients, families and visitors.

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Marie and Jim Gardner

Marie and Jim Gardner

When Marie Gardner fell ill while she and her husband Jim were preparing for a trip out of the country, they found themselves at the Nash UNC Health Care Emergency Department for medical treatment. The Gardners could not have been more pleased with the care Marie received at Nash.

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Tacitha Grant

Tacitha Grant

Hospice CNA Tacitha Grant has the unique ability to connect with patients and their families while providing compassionate care.

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Ashleigh Hudson

Ashleigh Hudson

Ashleigh Hudson, Nurse and Cardiac Observation Supervisor, eases patient fears and forges meaningful connections with all who she encounters.

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Deontrae Collins

Deontrae Collins

Deontrae Collins is a food associate who serves up compassion to families he sees coming to the cafeteria. By making visitors smile or laugh, Deontrae believes he is helping people cope with the difficult emotions that arise from hospital visits.

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Sharon Anstead

Sharon Anstead

Phlebotomist Sharon Anstead aims to calm patients’ fears when drawing blood by making them feel relaxed and more comfortable.

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Dr. Jay Manikkam

Dr. Jay Manikkam

Medical Oncologist & Hematologist Dr. Jay Manikkam invests his full heart into his work, and his patients appreciate his passion.

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Luxley Daniels

Luxley Daniels

Emergency Department Nurse Luxley Daniels takes time to sit down with his patients and their families to listen and address their concerns.

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Patricia Alford-Harrison

Patricia Alford-Harrison

Patricia spreads comfort and joy to her patients by sharing the gift of music. Her voice brings peace to even the most stressful of situations.

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