Nursing Assistant takes the time to provide top quality care for patients

Photo of Lesha Clark

Lesha Clark, a Nurse Assistant (NA) at Nash UNC Health Care’s Bryant T. Aldridge Rehabilitation Center (BTAR), is known for consistently going above and beyond for patients and colleagues.

Clark makes such a positive impact on those around her that she was voted as a top six Kudos Excellence Award recipient for two quarters in a row. The Kudos Excellence Award is given to employees who go above and beyond for patients or colleagues, while practicing high quality care, compassion, and exceptional customer service.

Lacey Sexton, one of Clark’s colleagues, explains that Clark is known for taking time to do things for patients that may seem small, but they make a big impact.

“Lesha cares about the wants and needs of her patients above all else. This is evident in her work ethic and attention to detail,” Sexton said. “She can often be found speaking with patients at length about their lives and staying after shift to do a patient's hair if she didn’t have time during her shift. It is important to have coworkers like Lesha who truly go above and beyond to make a difference.”

Clark’s little acts of kindness go a long way with patients, as was evidenced by a chance encounter with one of her former BTAR patients while she was out shopping. When Clark was in a store, a woman approached and embraced her then explained that Clark took time to comb and style the patient’s hair one evening when she was unable to do it herself, and that simple act of kindness meant so much to her that she would never forget Clark and how she made her feel.

“The smallest act of kindness can have the greatest impact on someone’s life. I love what I do, and what I do is care for the sick in a loving and compassionate manner,” Clark said.

BTAR’s director of nursing, Jeannie Lane, says Clark’s kindness and special attention to what matters most to patients makes her well-loved and popular among patients, families, and colleagues at BTAR.

“When rounding on patients, Lesha’s name is mentioned frequently as the person who spent extra time with them to help them meet their goals for their personal care,” Lane explained. “If the patient is feeling down or anxious, she encourages them by finding out what is most important to them and then she finds a way to make those things a priority when she provides care for her patients.”

Clark believes it is important to take the time to really get to know her patients in order for her to provide them with the best possible care.

“Getting to know my patients on a more personal level is my favorite part of my job. Learning who my patients are helps me to better understand what their needs are.”

And if you ask Clark why she is so good at what she does, she will tell you it is because her job is her passion.

“I love what I do because what I do is more than a job to me. It’s about caring for sick people and being a part of their recovery. It’s gratifying to provide care to someone,” Clark said.