Nash UNC Nurses are Among the Bestpathway nurses

Nash UNC Health Care was recently re-designated as a Pathway to Excellence organization by the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). This marks the second time Nash UNC has received this re-designation. This year’s designation will last four years.

ANCC’s Pathway to Excellence designation is a global credential that highlights Nash UNC’s commitment to creating a healthy work environment where nurses feel empowered and valued. This means nurses are engaged and have a voice in both policy and practice at Nash UNC. Organizations that achieve the Pathway to Excellence designation report a higher level of job satisfaction among nurses, reduced turnover, improved safety, and better patient outcomes. Dr. Christine Pabico, Director of the Pathway to Excellence Program, notified Nash UNC of their re-designation and reiterated the importance of the achievement.

“This award is the culmination of hard work by many people in your organization and on behalf of the Pathway Program Office and Commissioners, I wish to applaud your efforts in achieving this prestigious recognition. The Pathway to Excellence designations an ongoing process and we value your commitment in sustaining excellence in your work environment.”

Nash UNC Chief Operating Officer / Chief Nursing Officer Dr. Crystal Hayden said Nash UNC’s re-designation puts their nurses among some of the state’s best.

“Our nursing staff is one of only five in the state to achieve this designation. It really showcases our nursing staff ’s commitment to excellence and providing superior quality health care for our community. I am proud of our nurses for this great achievement.” The prestigious designation also highlights Nash UNC’s organizational commitment to supporting nurses and creating a work environment that is conducive to their success.

“Being a part of the Pathway to Excellence designation showed me that Nash UNC is committed to having a positive work environment,” explained Nash UNC nurse Kevin Dickens.

“The open empowerment and engagement of frontline staff plays a huge role in staff satisfaction and retention. I attended the Pathway to Excellence conference in Dallas and it was an awesome multi-day workshop experience to not only teach us, but to show how being designated improves our organizational outcomes.” Evidence-based Pathway Standards provide an essential foundation for creating a culture of sustained excellence—a critical goal needed for organizations to thrive in health care and patient and family service. This goal also plays a key role in the successful recruitment and retention of high-performing nursing staff.

“The ANCC Pathway to Excellence designation shows that Nash UNC is part of a premier group of organizations that have engaged and empowered nurses who feel valued. This allows us to recruit and retain the best nursing talent to help us continue to provide the high quality care that our community deserves,” stated Nash UNC Vice President of Nursing Dr. Mary Strickland.

With the Pathway designation’s help to set Nash UNC Health Care apart in the medical field, Dr. Crystal Hayden reiterated Nash UNC’s commitment to being a premiere health care option now and into the future.

“As a Pathway organization, Nash UNC is committed to leading the effort to enhance quality of care, patient and nursing safety, as well as shape and impact the future of healthcare.”