Patient Relations: The Key to Success for New Nash UNC Surgeonzachry

After completing her residency at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga earlier this year, Dr. Veronica Zachry had a big decision to make: what next?

Like most medical students, Zachry had options in multiple areas of the United States. This didn’t faze her, as she had grown up in a military family and had lived all over the country. She and her husband, Jacob, were open to experiencing a new city as they both enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures.

As she weighed her options, Zachry received an invitation from Nash UNC Health Care in Rocky Mount, NC to discuss a new practice that was in development, Nash Surgery. Intrigued, she accepted the invitation.

Zachry spoke with the team at Nash UNC, including two longtime physicians who had served the community, Dr. David Seaman and Dr. Doug Harrison.

“Dr. Seaman and Dr. Harrison both spoke so highly of this community and of the wonderful people here,” said Zachry. “It was so encouraging to hear about the relationships they have with their patients, both inside and outside the hospital.”

For Zachry, a strong relationship between patient and provider is critical to the success of any medical treatment. She believes that a patient should be an active participant in their treatment, not a recipient.

“The patient should be part of their own care team and understand all of their options to be able to make an informed decision regarding their health and well-being. I am happy to take the extra time to explain concepts and procedures, especially when it means the patient will feel more at ease and informed about their care decisions,” she explained.

Zachry’s approach aligns with Nash UNC and the team at Nash Surgery.

“Our patients have expressed a desire to know their surgical team better,” said L. Lee Isley, president and CEO of Nash UNC Health Care.

“By opening this practice and assembling a team of local surgeons, we can ensure that our patients receive top quality care from a local, familiar physician.”

Several patients have commented to Dr. Zachry that they felt more comfortable coming to see a new physician after watching a video about her on Facebook. The video showcases Zachry’s approach to general surgery, as well as her hobbies and interests outside of medicine.

In addition to serving patients at Nash Surgery, Dr. Zachry is busy adjusting to life in Rocky Mount. She and her husband have enjoyed exploring the region’s parks and trails with their two dogs.

Nash Surgery offers a range of surgical services to treat both emergent and non-emergent needs. In most cases, patients would receive pre-operative and post-operative care locally.

Drs. Seaman and Harrison, who have each been practicing in the community for over 20 years, are joined by Drs. Zachry, Warnsby and Alkire, all of whom have relocated from out of the state.

“This is an exciting time for Nash UNC and for our community,” said Isley. “These physicians bring new skills and specialties to complement the expertise of our current medical staff, and expand the services we have to offer.”