Technology Superhero

Originally published in the Rocky Mount TelegramFelicia Gaylor

There aren’t too many things as frustrating as a computer with a little spinning wheel that won’t stop or a black screen.

Or the panic that can set in when suddenly, your important work is inaccessible on your laptop.

For Nash UNC Health Care employees, there is a superhero that comes to their rescue during these technology emergencies.

Felicia Gaylor, a desktop support specialist for IT Services at Nash UNC Health Care, spends her working day ensuring computer problems are the last thing her colleagues have to worry about.

“I find satisfaction when I find solutions and answers to computer issues,” Gaylor said. “I like figuring it out and finding answers, leaving my coworkers able to work efficiently and get their job done.”

Yetunde Bandele is a Nash UNC employee who has sought help with her computer issues and worked with Gaylor to get them resolved. Bandele said she appreciated Gaylor’s dependability and efficiency in getting issues resolved.

“Anytime I have a problem with my computer, I know I can count on Felicia to come to my aid promptly. She’s very dependable and always ready to help with a smile,” Bandele said. “I’m so glad she is on the IT team and is one of the people who works behind the scenes. She makes a big impact.”

Gaylor said it might seem that working behind the scenes to maintain the hospital’s computer technology doesn’t impact patients, but it does. While all patient data is safe, secure and backed up, things run more effectively and efficiently with Gaylor and her IT coworkers promptly resolving any computer and technology issues that may arise.

“Everything we do is to support the patients’ care when they come here,” Gaylor said. “If a nurse’s computer is not working, we’ve got to get that fixed so they can take care of a patient. We don’t want there to be any stall in taking care of a patient due to a technology issue.”

Gaylor, from Nashville, got her associate degree in health care business informatics from Nash Community College. She worked at Nash UNC as an intern through NCC and kept checking for job openings after she got her degree.

She’s worked at Nash UNC since October 2015, beginning as a Help Desk analyst, working second shift.

“I worked my way up to my current position. I really love what I do and have the best coworkers,” Gaylor said. “We have an ‘open-door’ policy here in our department and if one of us is stumped about something, we talk it out with each other and come up with an answer.”

Gaylor credits her seven co-workers with the success of her department.

“We really have the best department and work as a good team,” she said. “We’re a family.”

Another Nash UNC employee, Van Holt, said she appreciates how Gaylor takes ownership of her work and is always a team player — with the goal to make sure patients get the best care.

“Felicia has been the most kind and patient person to support me through a computer crash and new computer not talking to our printers,” Holt said. ”I have called and texted numerous times and she always shows up with a smile.”

Gaylor and her department coworkers support about 2,100 computers throughout the Nash UNC Health Care campus.

“We install, support and maintain all the computers and keep everyone working as efficiently on their computers as possible,” Gaylor said.

Gaylor said she spends a lot of time telling her “customers” or coworkers she helps not to feel bad about having to call her and that no problem is too small.

“I make sure they know I am glad to help. The best part of my job is interacting with my coworkers and I really like to help — and to teach,” she said. “I enjoy teaching them something new about their computer.”

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