Published on September 12, 2021

UNC Cancer Care at Nash: Where Compassionate Care is the Best Medicine

Pat Silver works as a Nurse Navigator as part of the UNC Cancer Care at Nash team in the Danny Talbott Cancer Center on Nash UNC Health Care’s campus. The cancer center is a partnership between UNC Cancer Care and Nash UNC Health Care that brings UNC’s nationally recognized physicians, as well as its innovative research and groundbreaking clinical trials, right here to the Twin County community.

In her role as a Nurse Navigator, Silver helps walk patients through the often complex process of cancer care. Silver constantly receives compliments from patients for her specialized support during their cancer journey.

Melanie Burns, a UNC Cancer Care at Nash patient, is one of the many people who is thankful for Silver’s support.

“I met Pat Silver at the beginning of my cancer Journey at the Nash UNC cancer center. She showed me the center, calmed my nerves and told me to call with any questions, and I did. If she didn't have an answer to a question, she found the person that did. Pat is a lovely, sweet person with a caring heart,” Burns explained.

Another patient, Denise David, had a similar experience with Silver.

“Pat would make sure she stopped what she was doing and would sit and talk with me and encourage me when I was at the center. She always made me feel better,” she said.

And while Silver constantly receives great feedback and compliments about her work, she will tell you that she is just doing her job.

“I love what I do and I like helping others in any way I can. It feels wonderful to know that I make a positive impact on patients. This is what I strive to do every day with all of the patients I come in contact with,” she said.

When asked why she chose this profession and why she remains dedicated to going above and beyond for her patients, Silver said she draws on personal experience.

“My personal experience of caring for both of my parents with cancer is what motivates me to go above and beyond for my patients. I understand how a cancer diagnosis affects every aspect of a person’s life and their family. A cancer diagnosis is scary.  I feel it is important to have a good support system and a good care team and I am happy I can be a small part of that for our patients,” Silver said.

And while Silver is a shining star in the cancer center, both Burns and David said the entire team has been helpful and kind during their journey.

“Dr. Jay Manikkam always encouraged me and would always greet me with a smile. So would all of the nurses and other staff members. That alone gave me the mindset to keep trying and keep fighting,” said David. “I really believe if it wasn’t for Dr. Manikkam, Pat, and all of the wonderful nurses, I would not be here today,” she added.

“From the very first day when I walked through those front doors, I was greeted with a smile, felt welcomed and had my fears put at ease. I have been coming to the Nash UNC cancer center for over two years and would never go to any other cancer center.  It takes special people to work in oncology and every single person that works there is special. They all have a heart of gold,” Burns stated. 

Burns also stressed the importance of having such a high caliber cancer center in the Nash County area.

“I am from Greene County and really didn't want to travel to Raleigh for treatment. When I was told about Nash UNC, my husband and I decided that it would be more convenient. What a great choice we made,” she explained.

Burns also explained that patients who might be struggling with the decision of where to receive treatment should seriously consider UNC Cancer Care at Nash.  

“You will be well taken care of by the staff and volunteers from the first day you walk through the doors of the Nash UNC cancer center.”