Cancer Research & Clinical Trials

Gain access to clinical trials in Rocky Mount thanks to Nash UNC Health Care’s collaboration with UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill.

What’s a Clinical Trial?

Discoveries and advances in medicine come from clinical trials, also known as research studies. Clinical trials test and study the safety and effectiveness of new medications, devices, diagnostic products, and treatments.

Before a drug or device gains approval for general medical use, it has to go through several stages of clinical trials including:

  • Extensive laboratory research and years of experiments
  • Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval to continue research and testing in humans
  • Human testing of experimental drugs and devices

Your health care team follows strict FDA guidelines to give you safe care during a clinical trial. Before participating in a study, talk to your doctor to learn about the risks and potential benefits.

Cancer Clinical Trials at Nash UNC

Cancer clinical trials at Nash UNC test the latest research by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). You may be eligible for one or more clinical trials at Nash UNC. You’ll need a referral from your cancer doctor at Nash UNC to participate in clinical cancer trials.

Clinical Trials Resources

Learn more about clinical trials. Go to:

Dr. Manikkam on Clinical Trials/a>

Clinical Trials at Nash UNC

To find out about clinical trials, contact:

Sharon S. Evans-Gay, RN
Clinical Research Specialist

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