Hospice & Palliative Care

There’s no reason for you and your family to face incurable or long-term illness alone. Receive compassionate and respectful hospice and palliative care from Nash UNC Health Care in Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

Respectful, Supportive Care

When you choose our longstanding community-centered team, you’ll feel part of the family. That means you can expect us to provide care for you and support for your entire family while building a special connection.

What’s Palliative Care?

Palliative services give specialized support and medical care if you or a family member is very ill or face a long-term illness. Palliative care is a skilled, intense plan of care to help manage pain and other symptoms, and improve your quality of life. Consult with our palliative care team while you’re hospitalized at Nash UNC.

When your goals shift from curative measures to comfort measures, your care will transition from palliative care to hospice.

What’s Hospice Care

Turn to hospice for comfort and support when you have an incurable or life-limiting illness. Feel confident knowing your end-of-life wishes will be honored and respected when you partner with Nash UNC. You’ll find the goal of hospice is not to prolong nor hasten death when curative measures are no longer effective or appropriate, but to provide physical and emotional comfort when the end-of-life is near.

Where Can I Get Hospice & Palliative Care?

Receive hospice care in your home, skilled nursing facility, or assisted living facility. Work with us for 24/7 services to support your emotional, physical, social, and spiritual needs.

Work with our palliative care team while you are in the hospital to help you determine your care goals during chronic illness.

Care & Services

Find a wide range of assistance to make your life as comfortable and pleasant as possible, including:

  • Access to medical equipment and supplies
  • Palliation focusing on comfort, rather than healing or treating your condition
  • Prescription medications for pain control and symptom management
  • Nutritional and dietary guidance
  • Supportive bereavement services for your family for up to thirteen months after the death of your loved one

Your Care Team

Get support from an experienced, empathetic care team and volunteers at Nash UNC. You may work with:

  • Doctors – Provide and supervise medical care
  • Hospice medical director – Coordinates care with your doctor and directs the multidisciplinary hospice team
  • Hospice nurses – Assess your condition and provide pain management, symptom control, and family and caregiver education about how to care for you
  • Social worker – Identifies and helps resolve problems, coordinates resources, provides counseling and, when appropriate, makes agency referrals for community assistance
  • Hospice chaplain – Arranges spiritual assessment and pastoral care and offers assistance with spiritual issues, if needed
  • Certified nursing assistants – Assist with your personal care
  • Dietitians – Assess and consult regarding nutritional needs
  • Volunteers – Offer emotional support, companionship, and non-medical assistance

Who Qualifies for Hospice Care?

To qualify for hospice care, you or your family member must accept care and have:

  • Limited life expectancy of six months or less
  • Doctor who will work with the hospice team
  • Access to a primary caregiver, through a family member, home care agency or long-term care facility

Access to Hospice Care

We base admission to the hospice program on your need for services. Hospice is available to all eligible patients regardless of race, creed, color, age, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, handicap, or veteran status. We don’t discriminate based on your ability to pay for services.

Referrals for Hospice Services

If you want hospice services and will benefit from care, be sure to:

  • Ask your doctor for an initial hospice evaluation
  • Receive a medical, social, and spiritual needs assessment to enable your hospice team to develop your individualized care plan to meet you and your family’s specific needs.

Advance Directives

Communicate your wishes for medical treatment to ensure they’re honored even if you become unable to voice them. Learn about advance directives.

Our Funding

Hospice and palliative care at Nash UNC is the only nonprofit hospice care provider in Rocky Mount. We receive reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid and private insurance. We’re supported by Nash UNC Health Care and individual and community donors.

Donate to hospice care through the Nash UNC Health Care Foundation. Your contribution or memorial is tax-deductible. Hospice will send an acknowledgment to both the donor and the family.

Contact Hospice & Palliative Care

For more information on hospice and palliative care at Nash UNC Health Care, please contact Sherri Alligood at 252-962-8124 or by email.

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