When you stay at Nash UNC Health Care, you may receive care from a hospitalist—a doctor who specializes in caring for hospital patients on a daily basis. You benefit from our in-house physicians who provide care 24/7.

What Is a Hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a doctor dedicated to caring for you during a hospitalization. Most hospitalists are board certified in internal medicine or family medicine. Your hospitalist will guide your care and treatment during your hospital stay and communicate with you and other members of your care team.

Patient-Focused Hospitalist Services

Your hospitalist will monitor your health and provide high-quality care during your hospital stay. Depend on your hospitalist to:

  • Admit you and treat the reason for your hospital stay, as well as any underlying conditions, such as COPD and asthma
  • Answer any of your questions
  • Explain your testing and treatment options
  • Follow up with you about imaging and lab test results
  • Help you get care from specialists, as needed
  • Work with your primary care provider to coordinate in-hospital medical care, including medication changes, as well as follow-up treatment

Working With Primary Care Doctors

Count on Nash UNC hospitalists to help you bridge the gap between the care you get inside and outside of the hospital. If you have a primary care doctor, the hospitalist will work with him or her to learn your medical history. Together they will create the best care plan for you during and after your hospital stay. If you don’t have a primary care provider, your hospitalist can refer you to one who can provide follow-up care after you leave the hospital.

Specialty Support Areas

Rely on our team of in-house hospitalists to provide specialized care and support for:

  • Anesthesia – Prevents or relieves pain during surgery and afterward
  • Cardiology – Deals with diseases and abnormalities of your heart
  • Critical care – Meets your needs during immediate life-threatening conditions
  • Gastroenterology – Focuses on your digestive system and disorders
  • Rheumatology – Cares for illnesses that cause swelling, stiffness, and pain of the joints and muscles

Board-Certified Hospitalists

You’ll know you’re getting quality care when you turn to Nash UNC professionals who use evidence-based medicine proven to help you recover during your stay. Get excellent care from board-certified hospitalists who have served your neighbors in Rocky Mount for over 15 years. You’ll have access to the latest treatments that can help you have a better outcome.

24/7 Access to Care

Get timely care from our hospitalists 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A primary attending doctor or an on-call physician will see you quickly.

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Emergency Care For Children & Adults

Count on fast emergency care and services for adults and young children when you go to the Emergency Care Center at Nash UNC Health Care.