Lab Services

Take advantage of the complete lab services available at Nash UNC Health Care. Rely on our trained professionals to use their skills and advanced technology to perform diagnostic lab tests and provide you with accurate test results.

Accredited Laboratory & Transfusion Services

Feel confident you’ll get excellent lab services because the College of American Pathologists accredits our laboratory every two years. And the American Association of Blood Banks accredits our transfusion services. These accreditation programs ensure our laboratory upholds quality and safety standards.

Why You Need Lab Tests

Your doctor may recommend one or more lab tests for a routine checkup, condition management, or as part of your hospital care. Ask your doctor why you need the test. Your lab tests will involve taking samples of your blood or other body fluids to help your doctor:

  • Screen for certain diseases
  • Diagnose a disease or condition
  • Make a treatment decision
  • Monitor the progress of a disease or treatment
  • Detect or verify certain substances

Blood & Sample Collection

You’ll meet a knowledgeable, well-trained lab phlebotomist who’ll draw your blood or collect a sample from you. Expect your phlebotomist to collect patient identification information from you and label your sample properly.

Repeat Blood Testing

A phlebotomist – a medical professional who specializes in collecting blood samples – may draw your blood more than one time during your stay in the hospital. This helps your doctor understand what is happening in your body at a specific time or after a treatment.

Routine Lab Services

Check your health with screening and routine tests, such as:

Specialized Lab Services & Treatments

Count on the lab team at Nash UNC to provide specialized services, such as:

  • Blood transfusion support – Prepares compatible blood products for you if you experience trauma or blood loss from surgery or are having chemotherapy
  • Molecular testing – Looks for biological changes in your genes or proteins

Understanding Your Lab Test Results

Your doctor will explain your lab test results to you. Pay close attention to what your results mean for your condition. Ask your doctor what the next steps are in your treatment. Access your test results anytime in the My Chart patient portal or contact Medical Records by calling 252-962-8276.

Expert Lab Professionals

Depending on the type of test you get, one or more of our multidisciplinary lab team members may prepare your results. You’ll receive top-notch services from a team that stays up to date with evidence-based laboratory research and instruments.

Trust our board-certified pathologists, histologists, and certified medical laboratory technologists to analyze and prepare your results consistent with the highest professional laboratory standards and procedures.

Find Laboratory Test Information

Learn detailed information about lab tests and results by visiting Lab Tests Online, the AACC patient education website.