Your Stay at Coastal Plain Hospital

Find short-term mental health, medical detoxification, and substance abuse care and treatment at Nash UNC Health Care’s Coastal Plain Hospital.

About Coastal Plain Hospital

Coastal Plain Hospital is a Joint Commission-accredited and State of North Carolina-licensed 25-bed hospital. You can trust our experience because we’ve been serving the communities in and around Nash and Edgecombe counties and eastern North Carolina since 1994. We treat voluntarily and involuntarily admitted patients.

Inpatient Experience at Coastal Plain Hospital

When you seek inpatient treatment at Coastal Plain Hospital for mental health disorders or substance misuse, you’ll get care from dedicated and compassionate professionals. Find an atmosphere that gives you or your loved one the opportunity to focus on well-being.

Depend on us to provide the structure, support, and focus to meet your personalized care plan and treatment goals.

About Your Inpatient Stay

Discover the accommodations and conveniences you have access to, and the processes you’ll follow at Coastal Plain Hospital.

Your Living Arrangements

You’ll have a private room with a bathroom and shower for your personal use during your stay.

Smoking & Tobacco Use

Coastal Plain Hospital is a tobacco-free facility. Smoking, chewing tobacco, and snuff are not allowed.


Send valuables home with your family or have your nurse lock up your valuables until you leave the hospital. The hospital is not responsible for lost or stolen valuables that you choose to keep with you or in your room.


Send and receive mail during your stay at Coastal Plain Hospital. You can ask for paper, pencils, and up to two stamps for personal use. Mail is delivered to the unit Monday through Saturday. Staff will not read your mail. If you receive a package, for safety reasons, you must open it in front of a staff member.

The mailing address is:
Coastal Plain Hospital
2301 Medpark Drive
Rocky Mount, NC 27804

Phone Calls

You can receive calls in the dayroom at Coastal Plain Hospital. Because you are focusing on your care and treatment, you can’t answer calls during group sessions.


There’s a washer and dryer on the unit for your use. You can get washing powder from staff.

Personal Items

Your safety and the safety of other patients is important at Coastal Plain Hospital. A hospital team member must inspect all personal items brought into the unit by you, your family, or visitors. Some personal items, including keys, may interfere with your treatment so your care team will tell you about them and lock them up until you’re discharged.

Recreational Therapy

Take advantage of two unique outdoor recreational activity areas at Coastal Plain Hospital. Boost your mind and body during treatment with areas to relax outside, tend the flower garden or play basketball. Participate in indoor activities including basketball, watching TV, and celebrating holidays and events such as the Super Bowl.


You may have two adult visitors at a time in the gym. Visitation for children age 16 and under is on Sunday. You may request not to have visitors if they will interfere with your treatment.

Mental Health Crisis Hotline at Nash UNC

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, call the 24-hour Crisis Hotline at 1-800-234-0234 to talk to a licensed behavioral health specialist. Or go to the Nash UNC Health Care emergency room for care of a mental health crisis.

Community Resource Outreach

If you are a community resource contact, get more information about mental health services at Nash UNC Coastal Plain Hospital by emailing Yolanda Outlaw , our community outreach coordinator.

To make a confidential referral, call our referral line at 800-234-0234.