Sports Medicine

Stay at the top of your game with help from sports medicine specialists at Nash UNC Health Care in Rocky Mount, North Carolina. Receive expert evaluation and diagnosis for your sports injuries—so you can get back to your active lifestyle.

Conditions We Treat

If you’re a student-athlete or exercise regularly, you may be prone to chronic injuries from muscle and joint overuse. Rely on Nash UNC sports medicine doctors to treat sports injuries, such as:

Sports Medicine Treatment & Services

Your doctors will diagnose your condition and determine the level of severity. Then, they’ll work with you to create a customized care plan.

Physical Therapy

Rejuvenate your shoulders, elbows, knees, and fractures with the help of certified physical therapists (PTs) at Nash UNC. During physical therapy, your PT will guide you through specially designed exercises to help you feel better and move easier.

ACL Surgery

If you tear your ACL, your knee may feel unstable or give out. Depending on the level of damage, you may need surgery to fix it. Take advantage of outpatient ACL surgery at Nash UNC. This means that you can receive surgery and return home the same day. Whenever possible, your surgeon will perform your procedure using arthroscopy or another minimally invasive technique that decreases pain and scarring.

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