Labor & Delivery

Partner with the experts at Nash Women’s Center in Rocky Mount, North Carolina for a superior childbirth experience close to home. Feel confident that the Center’s advanced technology, compassionate care team, and family-centered environment will help you have a joyful, personalized birth experience.

Your Birthing Plan

Work with your doctor to prepare your birth plan during your pregnancy. Share your birth plan with Nash UNC caregivers upon admission. Expect us to use your plan as a guide while keeping you and your baby healthy and safe during delivery. Please print and fill out the form to determine your anticipated birthing plan.

Labor & Delivery Accommodations

delivery room at Nash UNC Health CareThe fully equipped Nash Women’s Center will meet your special needs before, during and after your delivery. You’ll find:

  • Triage/consult rooms
  • Labor and delivery suites
  • Dedicated Cesarean section (C-section) room
  • Postpartum (mother-baby) rooms

Take a virtual tour of the Nash Women’s Center.

Labor & Delivery Suites

You’ll appreciate the comfortable, spacious labor and delivery rooms at Nash Women’s Center. Your modern room includes a sleeper sofa and a large, private bathroom.

Labor & Childbirth Services

Find complete services to support all types of childbirth including:

Your Childbirth Care Team

Whether this is your first baby or the newest addition to your family, let our experienced team guide you through the best birth experience possible. You may get help from:

  • Obstetricians
  • Certified Nurse Midwife
  • Anesthesia providers
  • Nurses
  • Pediatricians
  • Neonatologists
  • Nurse practitioners

Are You In Labor?

When Labor Starts

Talk to your doctor during prenatal care about when to call the office to tell them you’re in labor. Most providers suggest you call when:

  • Your water breaks (this may be a huge gush or a constant trickle)
  • You have contractions every five minutes for one hour
  • You have heavy bleeding similar to a menstrual cycle

Contractions & Signs of Labor

Learn the difference between Braxton Hicks contractions and true signs of labor.

Choose Your Labor & Delivery Support Team

Discuss your labor support (partner, family, friends) plan with your obstetrician and make it part of your birth plan. Limit your support team to three people. Coordinate a phone tree or choose a loved one to keep other friends and family members up to date on your progress. Health care privacy laws don’t allow us to give out information about your status.

Comfort During Labor

Find a wide range of comfort measures available at Nash UNC to manage your pain during labor. You and your coach can use:

  • Birthing balls
  • Breathing techniques
  • Positioning
  • Heat therapy
  • Labor support
  • Massage therapy
  • Medications
  • Relaxation methods

You’re welcome to bring your own doula for support during childbirth.

24-Hour Anesthesia Team for Pain Relief

Take advantage of safe, medical pain management from our 24-hour anesthesia team during your labor. You won’t find dedicated around-the-clock anesthesia services in other nearby hospitals. That means you’ll get assistance with your pain when you need it. And if you change your mind about laboring naturally, you can call on our team for an epidural at any time during your labor.

You and your team will discuss a list of pain management options best for you which include:

Wireless Baby Monitoring

If your doctor recommends checking your baby’s heart rate during labor, you’ll have a peel and stick patch for wireless fetal heart monitoring. You’ll benefit from this advanced technology because it allows you to move around more during labor while it accurately records your baby’s heart rate and well-being.

Bonding With Your Baby

Choose to deliver your baby at the Nash Women’s Center to experience bonding right after birth. You’ll benefit from “rooming in” with your baby and the other methods we support, including:

Count on skilled, compassionate nurses to perform newborn wellness care, tests, and screenings in your room. If you need support, our team of doctors, nurses, and lactation consultants will help you learn to care for your baby.

Comfortable Mother-Baby Rooms

Your mother-baby postpartum room allows your infant to remain with you throughout your hospital stay. Your room layout provides enough space for you, your baby, your family, and our caregivers. Find a family kitchen on the floor with drinks and snacks. Every mother-baby room has:

  • Sofa sleeper
  • TV and DVD player
  • Bathroom with a full-sized shower

Special Care Nursery

If an unexpected condition arises during or after birth, rest assured Nash UNC has the expertise to take care of your newborn in our special care nursery.

Carolinas Cord Blood Program

If you decide to save your newborn’s cord blood to bank or donate, your doctor can collect the cord blood. For more information about the process, call 252-962-8270.

Safety & Visitors

Trust us to provide a safe, secure environment at the Nash Women’s Center for you and your baby. A four-band infant security system protects your baby at all times. We’ll match the bands on your newborn to you and your partner after any separations.

During your stay, our 24/7 security and monitoring system allows up to three visitors to come in at one time until 9 p.m. You can choose one support person to spend the night.

Register for Pregnancy & Birth Classes

View pregnancy and birth classes. Call 252-962-8270 or email if you have a question, need more information about classes, or register for a class.