Occupational Therapy

Count on licensed occupational therapists at Nash UNC Health Care in Rocky Mount, North Carolina to help you regain or develop important skills for everyday activities at home, work or school. Seek the expertise of an occupational therapist if you’re recovering from injury, illness or surgery, or you’re living with a long-term health condition.

Who Benefits from Occupational Therapy?

Turn to us for occupational therapy that helps you after:

How Can an Occupational Therapist Help Me?

When you choose Nash UNC for your rehabilitation care, our highly trained occupational therapists will provide personalized treatments to help you live as independently as possible. Find care for you, your children, and older adults.

Depending on your condition, occupational therapy while you’re hospitalized can help you restore, relearn or improve:

  • Activities of daily living (ADLs)
    • Bathing
    • Cooking
    • Dressing
    • Hygiene
  • Range of motion
  • Strength

Your inpatient therapy may involve finding new ways of doing the everyday activities or functions you did before. Or you may learn how to adapt your home, work or school environments to fit your needs.

Individualized Inpatient Therapy Plans

Work with your occupational therapist for an individual evaluation to develop a personalized treatment plan that supports your rehabilitation goals and meets your needs.

Specialty Outpatient Services

Find specialized outpatient occupational therapy treatments at Nash UNC such as:

  • Certified hand therapy – Evaluates and treats shoulder, arm, elbow, forearm, wrist, and hand conditions and injuries
  • Joint mobilization techniques – Uses hands-on therapy to stretch and restore normal motion to your joints
  • Kinesiology taping – Applies flexible strips of special elastic tape to your body to treat injuries and pain
  • Lymphedema care – Applies massage therapy, skin care, and compression to manage swelling
  • Splinting – Supports, protects, and immobilizes your arm or hand

If you need help with daily tasks, we’ll recommend assistive devices for you.

Ask for a Referral

You’ll need a doctor’s referral for inpatient rehabilitation services. For more information about our services, call 252-962-3700 or toll-free 877-846-2827.

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Call Ms. Joni Evans, RN, or Ms. Stephanie Tamisiea, RN, at 252-962-3702 to make a patient referral to the Bryant T. Aldridge Rehabilitation Center, or send an email.

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