Surgery Services

Count on Nash UNC Health Care for high-quality surgical care close to home in Rocky Mount. Partner with expert surgeons who treat a wide range of conditions.

Meet Your Surgeons

Surgery Procedures at Nash UNC

Turn to general surgeons at Nash UNC to perform:

Minimally Invasive Surgery

Minimally invasive surgery uses small or no incisions (cuts in the skin) and tiny surgical tools to treat certain conditions, such as colon diseases. Ask your doctor about minimally invasive procedures such as:

Mayo Surgery Pavilion Amenities

You’ll appreciate a warm and friendly atmosphere at the Mayo Surgery Pavilion. You’ll get your own private room with warm blankets and its own bathroom. During your surgery, your family can keep track of what stage of surgery you’re in with a real-time tracking board.

You can save time and energy with onsite preoperative lab work, anesthesia consults and other helpful services available right in the hospital. To help pass the time, your family is free to relax in our lobby, have complimentary coffee, and watch TV.

Family-Centered Surgical Care Team

Lean on patient and family-centered health professionals at Nash UNC who take the time to explain every step of your care to you and your family. Your surgical care team encourages your family to be a part of the interview and preoperative process. Rely on our excellent team of medical specialists before and after surgery, including:

  • Anesthesiologists – Reduces and prevents pain in surgery by numbing your body with an anesthetic
  • Nurse anesthetists – Works alongside your doctors to monitor your vital signs and administers anesthesia during surgery
  • Nurse assistants – Monitors your temperature, blood pressure and heart rate before and after surgery and maintains your comfort
  • Registered nurses – Works with your surgeon and watches for signs of complications
  • Surgeons – Performs your surgery and leads the surgical team to correct problems in your body
  • Surgical technologists – Prepares your operating room, arranges equipment and helps your doctors during surgeries

You don’t have to travel far to get quality care when you receive surgery services at Nash UNC. Your surgeons can consult other doctors around the world with teleconferencing capabilities without leaving the operating room. Access advanced technology, experienced staff and complete care right in your community.

What to Expect Before Surgery

Learn how to prepare for surgery, including what you can expect before, during and after your procedure.

Same-Day Procedures at Nash Day Hospital

Spend less time in the hospital and return home sooner when you get outpatient surgery services at the Nash Day Hospital. Choose to receive same-day services in Rocky Mount for minor surgeries such as cataract surgery, kidney stone surgery and wisdom teeth removal.

Advanced Technology at Nash UNC Health Care

When you choose Nash UNC Health Care for surgical services, you gain access to the latest technology for procedures in neurosurgery, sinus surgery, and breast biopsies. Your surgeons use these advanced tools to perform more efficient surgeries for a better health outcome.

Image Guided Precise Neurosurgery

Your surgeon may use the StealthStation™ S8 surgical navigation system that combines an advanced computer with imaging technology to help your surgeries be more effective and thorough. It gives your surgeons a three-dimensional view inside your body and pinpoints the exact position of their surgical instruments. When your surgeon uses this technology for your procedure, you may benefit from safer operation.

3D Imaging System for Better Outcomes

The Medtronic O-Arm system is an intraoperative imaging device (used during surgical operations). It allows your doctor to scan your body and get a 3D, 360-degree view while operating. This means your surgeon can perform faster, more precise procedures and help improve your outcome in spinal and cranial surgeries.

SAVI SCOUT® Breast Localization

The SAVI SCOUT is a wire-free radar localization system that implants a tiny marker at the tumor site instead of using a needle and wire on the day of lumpectomy. This allows your breast surgeon to operate at a higher level of accuracy to decrease your time in the hospital. Keep more of your healthy breast tissue and better maintain the shape of your breasts when your surgeon uses SAVI SCOUT.

C-Arm Table for Urology Procedures

For urological X-ray procedures, advanced imaging tables help your doctor better diagnose and treat your urinary health issues. You’ll undergo a more comfortable X-ray right on your hospital bed without the need for a separate appointment to scan your body.

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