A New Way to Get Medicaid in North Carolina

Enrollment is now open for North Carolinians on Medicaid to select their plan and primary care provider. Please make sure to sign up for a plan that uses UNC Health and select your UNC primary care family doctor. Learn more about how to sign up by visiting the North Carolina Department of Health & Human Services Medicaid program at https://ncmedicaidplans.gov/learn.

Billing & Financial Assistance

Use our convenient online option to pay for health care services from Nash UNC Health Care. If you need help to pay your bills, count on our team to help you learn about available options.

Online Bill Pay

Pay your hospital bill online through our secure patient portal, My UNC Chart. Sign up and pay your hospital at your convenience. You can view your statements and account details, manage your account, and choose paperless billing.

Financial Assistance

If you need other payment options or financial help such as a payment plan, self-pay discount or charity care, contact:

Patient Billing Hours 

  • Monday - Thursday from 8:00am - 4:00pm 
  • Friday from 8:00am - 12:00pm 

If you need help paying your bill at Nash UNC Health Care, you may qualify for financial assistance. Copies of UNC Health’s financial assistance policy documents, which are applicable to Nash UNC Health Care, are available here

Nash UNC Health Care Chargemaster Information

As of January 1, 2021, all U.S. hospitals are required to publicly post charges for hospital-based procedures, services, supplies, prescription drugs, and diagnostic tests, as well as fees associated with equipment or facilities used during a patient’s appointment or inpatient stay.

At Nash UNC Health Care, we recognize that paying for healthcare can be very overwhelming to patients, especially given the complexities of insurance and payor structures. We support efforts to improve price transparency for our patients, but because of the variations in health insurance coverage, it is difficult to provide specific charges that will be applicable to all patients.

Through our partnership with UNC Health, Nash and all other UNC hospitals have posted our hospital-based procedures, services, supplies, prescriptions drugs, diagnostic tests and associated fees on the UNC Health Standard Charges page.

The chargemaster lists more than 9,000 items at Nash UNC, their common procedure codes and the charge per unit. The unit charge listed is unlikely to be the amount that a patient sees on a bill because of the wide variety of prices negotiated with various insurance plans. For patients with Medicare and Medicaid, the government sets fee schedules with the allowable charges for Medicare approved services, and therefore there is no association between what Medicare recognizes as an allowable charge and what charges are listed on our website.

This is why it’s important for patients to work with their care provider and insurance provider to discuss their specific situation. Nash UNC Health Care has customer service representatives and financial counselors available to help patients decipher their coverage, understand their bills, request financial assistance and more. We encourage patients to reach out and asked detailed financial questions, especially in advance of scheduled services. Our electronic medical record Epic@UNC allows our customer service representatives to access a pricing estimator tool that can provide an estimate of the cost of service for a patient based on aggregate data provided by the patient’s insurance or payor. Many insurance carriers also offer pricing estimator tools.

It’s very important for patients to understand their insurance coverage, to know their deductible, co-payments, co-insurance and out-of-pocket maximums. Self-pay patients should also speak with their care provider ahead of scheduled services, as discounts are often available for patients without insurance.

We are committed to helping our patients understand the projected costs of their medical services.

UNC Health Standard Charges

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